Standard Solar Beacon

Solar Belisha Beacon, The UK's most reliable 24/7 solar Flashing Belisha beacon,
Energy efficient, Zero Emissions and easy installation.

• Operates 24/7 365 days a year

• 6watt Flashing LED with 5 yr warranty

• Auto Dimming at night

• Smart tech control module with 5 yr warranty

• 40 flashes per minute 0.75sec on and 0.75sec off

• 20w Bosch Solar panel with 20 years warranty

• 18 Days Autonomy

• Battery packs safely mounted in column base

• Batteries packs have 2 yr warranty, expected life min 5 years

• 3.6 m Galvanised column painted black with three white reflective bands fitted

• Compliant with BS8442-2006

• Maintenance required, solar panel to be cleaned once a year

• CE and UL certified electrical component's compliance FHWA MUTCD compliant FCC EMC Class A verified

Safety. Confidence. Assurance.

We export our products Worldwide.
Full stock and spares available.

Belisha Beacons Ltd

Tel: +44(0)1458 897 250
Email: belisha@me.com

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