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The all new LedmaX flashing LED with driverless technology, even more energy efficient than our previous model (led2pw). Dimensions are the same as the previous LED and fits all our new and old galleries.

LedmaX from Belisha Beacons
Maximum Power, Minimum Consumption

• Consumes only 6 watts per hour of power 220/240v AC supply

• Typical running cost based on electricity charge of £0.085 per KW is £2.09 PA

• Carbon emissions per unit + 0.019 metric tonnes PA

• Pre-wired with 3.0m 2 core cable

• Can be retrofitted to any existing column in little time and effort

• 50,000 Hours life expectancy

• Highways Compliant

• UMSUG Code: 79 46 007 100

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Safety. Confidence. Assurance.

We export our products Worldwide.
Full stock and spares available.

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