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Belisha Accessories

A range of accessories for our Belisha and illumination pedestrian products.

Belisha Beacons Courtesy Shields and Halo Boards
Courtesy Shields & Halo Boards

Courtesy Shields

Our Courtesy Shields fit onto existing Beacon Galleries and will shield light from nearby buildings.
Powder Coated Black.

Halo Boards

Our Halo Boards fit onto existing Columns.
550mm with Reflective Edging Strip.

Belisha Beacons Paint Range

QD11 Enamel Topcoat from Synergy® Paints.

A quick drying enamel paint suitable for street furniture applications - contact us for more details on this product.
Belisha Beacons Rotaflash Flasher Unit
Rotaflash Flasher Unit

ROTAFLASH The optimum controller for flashing beacons and signs, with automatic synchronisation facility, high reliability and low energy consumption.

Key features:
• Long service life.
• Very low power consumption.
• Auto synchronisation facility.
• Highly durable sealed body.
• Accurate flashing rate.
• RoHS Compliant.

• School crossing beacons.
• Street crossing beacons.
• Flashing warning signs.

Operating voltage: 240 Vac +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz.
Maximum lamp load (HID): 500W (resistive).
Flash rate: 48/min. (standard)
Power consumption: 1.5W.
Operating temperature range: -20 / +80°C.
Warranty: 2 years.
Ingress protection: IP54. 7TCA230200R0041 SP970100100 SP-970100100

Belisha Column 4000
Belisha Column 4000

BSEN40, PD6547: 2004+A1: 2009 Extra heavy wind
loading region (No sign)

Load class B

Deflection class 3

Head load 50kg/0.5m² *

Galvanised to BSEN 1461:2009

In accordance with BSEN1011

Procedures to BSEN ISO 15614-1:2004

Welders qualified to BSEN 287-1:2004

The Max LED2 LED2PW from Belisha Beacons
The Max LED2 (LED2PW)

Maximum Power, Minimum Consumption

Our best selling LED globally known and boasting the most up to date technology with 6 super bright white LEDs, making it one of the brightest Belisha Beacons on the market today.

• Consumes only 4 watts per hour of power 220/240v AC supply

• Typical running cost based on electricity charge of £0.085 per KW is £2.09 PA

• Carbon emissions per unit + 0.019 metric tonnes PA

• Pre-wired with 3.0m 2 core cable

• Can be retrofitted to any existing column in little time and effort

• 50,000 Hours life expectancy

• Highways Compliant

• UMSUG Code: 79 46 007 100

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