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Belisha beacons is based in Somerset England. We
Courtesy Shields

Our Courtesy Shields fit onto existing Beacon Galleries and will shield light from nearby buildings.

Powder Coated Black.

Halo Boards

Our Halo Boards fit onto existing Columns.

550mm with Reflective Edging Strip.
> Courtesy Shields & Halo Boards
> Reflective Bands
> Paint
> Rota Flash
> Cut Out
Coming Soon.
QD11 Enamel Topcoat from Synergy® Paints.

A quick drying enamel paint suitable for street furniture applications - contact us for more details on this product.
Coming Soon.
Coming Soon.
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Standard Fitting
Bayonet Fitting
LED Floodlight
standard gallery
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hybrid beacon
rota flash
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courtesy shields
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reflective bands
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Tel: +44(0)1458 897 250
Email: belisha@me.com