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Belisha Beacon with solar panel

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Belisha Beacon Globe with Solar Panel
Belisha Beacons manufactured in the UK
The UK's best value solar powered , Flashing Belisha beacon.
100% Manufactured in the UK
Energy effient, zero emmission & easy installation!

We offer quality, durable products to suite a variety of environments.
Tel: +44(0)1458 897 250
Email: belisha@me.com

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Latest Products

Belisha Beacons New Gallery and Globe
New Gallery and Globe

Our best selling Belisha Beacon gallery, the
Single piece die cast aluminium gallery is the
Ideal choice for new installs or refurbishment
Of existing beacons.

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FL-1400 Solar Beacon
FL-1400 Solar Beacon

Up to 30 days usage without charge!
Continuous, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year
Dawn to dusk & dusk to dawn settings also

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Rotaflash Flasher Unit
Rotaflash Flasher Unit

ROTAFLASH The optimum controller for flashing beacons and signs, with automatic synchronisation facility, high reliability and low energy consumption.

Key features:
• Long service life.
• Very low power consumption.
• Auto synchronisation facility.
• Highly durable sealed body.
• Accurate flashing rate.
• RoHS Compliant.

• School crossing beacons.
• Street crossing beacons.
• Flashing warning signs.

Operating voltage: 240 Vac +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz.
Maximum lamp load (HID): 500W (resistive).
Flash rate: 48/min. (standard)
Power consumption: 1.5W.
Operating temperature range: -20 / +80°C.
Warranty: 2 years.
Ingress protection: IP54. 7TCA230200R0041 SP970100100 SP-970100100


Belisha Beacons is based in Somerset, England.

We design, manufacture and sell a wide range of products including
Belisha Beacons, Feeder pillars and LED Lighting.

Working with specialists in LED low-power consumption, high visibility lighting,
we aim to provide quality, durable products to suite a variety of environments.

Feel free to explore our product range.
For further details and enquiries, visit the sales link above.

Latest Projects:

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Safety. Confidence. Assurance.

We export our products Worldwide.
Full stock and spares available.

Belisha Beacons Ltd

Tel: +44(0)1458 897 250
Email: belisha@me.com

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